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Where current not updating records

Close End Sub Sub Add New X() Dim dbs Northwind As Database Dim rst Employees As Recordset Dim str First Name As String Dim str Last Name As String Set dbs Northwind = Open Database("Northwind.mdb") Set rst Employees = _ dbs Northwind. Close End Sub Function Add Name(rst Temp As Recordset, _ str First As String, str Last As String) ' Adds a new record to a Recordset using the data passed ' by the calling procedure. I recently added an access app to my site through Access 2013.Dynamic updates are enabled for both the forward and reverse zones. This could be due to a couple of different things: 1) Are your clients obtaining IPs via a Windows DHCP Server?If so, your DHCP server may not be configured to auto-register their IP with the DNS server. " If Msg Box(str Prompt, vb Yes No) = vb Yes Then _ . str First Name = Trim(Input Box( _ "Enter first name:")) str Last Name = Trim(Input Box( _ "Enter last name:")) ' Proceed only if the user actually entered something ' for both the first and last names. Last Name ' Delete new record because this is a demonstration. " & vb Cr & _ "Do you want the program to force " & _ vb Cr & "an update using the local data? Open Recordset("Employees", db Open Dynaset) ' Get data from the user. Print _ "You must input a string for first and last name!

str Message = "Add New in progress:" & vb Cr & _ " Data in buffer = " & ! Last Name & vb Cr & vb Cr & _ "Use Update to save buffer to recordset? In an ODBCDirect workspace, you can do batch updates, provided the cursor library supports batch updates, and the Recordset was opened with the optimistic batch locking option. In a Microsoft Access workspace, when the Recordset object's Lock Edits property setting is True (pessimistically locked) in a multiuser environment, the record remains locked from the time Edit is used until the Update method is executed or the edit is canceled. Last Name ' Restore original data because this is a demonstration. When I launched the app, the first record I added upon opening the database contained an appropriate date and time.However, as I continued to add records, even after several minutes of no data entry, then clicking on the "add" button I added a new record but it had the same time as my first record.

However, the reverse DNS entries ("PTR" Records) are not.

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Where current not updating records introduction

Where current not updating records

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