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How to talk to your kids about dating after divorce

It’s easy to be confused as to how to parent and date at the same time.

Don’t forget that communication with your child is always the goal no matter the situation.

You can not let your children experience a loss all over again. There is a proven fact, children of divorce are the ones who suffer from separation most of all. Caring about your is not only crucial for them but for you as well.

All the emotions that adults experience after divorce plus their kid’s emotions multiplied several times. Actually it is blessing for you to have someone to care for and love in this particular moment of your life.

• Do not force an introduction of your new partner.

If you have already decided they are the right person, do not force your children to meet or accept them.

Having a revolving door with many short term relationships in your child’s life causes ambivalence.

Talk with your son about how your dating makes him feel.

No matter what – DO NOT FOCUS your kids on what has happened. • Never say bad things about your former spouse to your child. • Do not think that a small child is different from a teenager in accepting your new partner. Also if your five year old does not like your choice it is hardly possible they will change their attitude at fourteen. Spend more time with friends, in good company, so when you start dating your children won’t feel that your date is taking their time with you, but just a normal time going out.

• Let your children know that their relationship with you will not change because you are beginning to date.

Have a plan – at least the basics – before you tell them.

Raising Your Awareness About “How Things Are Going Life is fast, and generally days are full.

Being single with children after divorce is often challenging and exhausting.

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How to talk to your kids about dating after divorce introduction

How to talk to your kids about dating after divorce

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