Genetic constitution and dating

They do not have the protruding brow ridge of pre-human ancestors or Neanderthals, while their braincase is rounded, like a soccer ball, rather than the football shape of earlier human ancestors. The skulls were larger than all of 6000 modern human skulls with which they were compared!This confirms the Islamic traditions (hadith) that state that early humans were very big, almost giants!A current hypothesis is that diverging hominid (see hominid books) stock migrated from Africa at two different periods.One lineage of 700,000 years ago led to the Neanderthals evolving in the temperate zone of Europe and the Middle East.Australian aborigines are genetically the most distant from the Africans.

Africans have the greatest genetic distance from the rest of humanity, showing that on the human family tree, the split from the Africans occurred before the other branches.

As the Herto skull is slightly larger than those of modern humans ( 1 450 cubic centimetres, compared with a modern human's average of between 1 350 and 1 400 cc), they are classified it as a subspecies, .

(Images) Radioisotopes (argon/argon dating method) in the soil (in volcanic sediment) containing the fossils allowed them to be reliably dated.

This lake habitat contained abundant hippos, crocodiles and catfish. Migrants, that colonised the rest of the world, left Africa between 90,000 and 180,000 years ago, and reached China by 68,000 years ago, Australia by at least 60,000 years ago (Strausbaugh and Sakelarisc, 2001), the New World by 12,000 years ago (Cann et al.

, 1987) and Europe by 36,000 years ago (Reader, 1988) (Groves, 1994).

Another Homo sapiens skull from Dali, China, is dated at 200,000 years old. In South Africa, two sites, the Klasies River Mouth and Border Cave have yielded H.

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Genetic constitution and dating introduction

Genetic constitution and dating

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