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Colton and skylar american idol dating

Randy said he never had a "wow moment" in the song. Closing out the night, Elise Testone is going Gaga with "You and I." She wants to start the song by playing the drums. ) Akon and Jimmy talk her out of that, thankfully, and she turns to the piano instead. And this is not her Zepelin performance, that's for sure. Joining her in the bottom three will likely be Elise Testone and Skylar Laine, and the main reason Skylar would be there is simply because she went first.

4/5 Jessica, Joshua, and Hollie are singing Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger." This is interesting. In fact, they sound so bad I'm inclined to think there's something wrong with their monitors. It's kind of a lackluster way to end the night, honestly.

Randy says this performance showed Colton's sensitive side. 3.5/5 Teaming up again, Elise and Phillip sing Gauthier's "Somebody That I Used to Know." Phillip says in the interview that he's not expecting much from himself in this song but expects Elise to shine because she wanted to sing this one so bad. (I think the problem you're having is a result of the 70s and 80s, Steven. Akon like Joshua because "he's quiet and he listens." Jimmy thinks Joshua's humility is an asset. They're singing the Jason Aldean-Kelly Clarkson love song "Don't You Wanna Stay," and just like last week, producers play up the "We're not dating" angle.

Tonight's "theme" has done for Joshua exactly what it did for Jessica. I think Skylar's having trouble with her voice this week because she hits another flat note or two in this song.

Or they were broken up because that means they're one week closer to departures of their own. Our pal Jimmy has called in Akon to guest mentor this week. Skylar Laine is up first tonight and she's picked Kellie Pickler's "Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You." Jimmy wonders if it's a big enough song after Skylar's performance last week.

Tonight, the Top 7 are performing songs released from 2010 to 2012 which can be great if the contestants can use this to show what kind of current artist they'd be and, well, not great if they break my cardinal rule of singing competitions--if you pick a big, popular number, you'd best sing it better than the original artist. I'm not sure Akon even knows who Kellie Pickler is.

To fill the two-hour run time with only seven contestants, the show gets stretched out with hometown clips – screaming fan montages! "You can sell a song like a work of art," gushes Steven.

But the night's love-fest comes to an end when Hollie Cavanagh steps on stage to sing Pink's "Perfect," which she distractingly pronounces as "pear-fict." It lacks the gritty emotion of the original, so chances are she'll wind up in the bottom three once again, especially since the judges clearly want to give her the heave-ho.

He lights up anytime the guy's onstage, calling him a "rare talent" and coveting his ringmaster-like jacket. It's the only performance of the night to get all three judges up on their feet. until most of the top seven pick obscure songs and mediocre hits.If they want to be the next American Idol they need to dress the part, both onstage and off. The first to perform is Skylar Laine, who chooses a Kellie Pickler song ("Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You") that neither Jimmy Iovine nor guest mentor Akon have ever heard, which leaves little hope for the rest of us. ) Next up is Colton Dixon, who's visibly irked when Jimmy compares him to Phillip during rehearsal. Despite the judges looking bored immediately following her performance, they gush about her as usual.What I really wish someone would point out is how high he looks every week.Forget a makeover, just hand the kid some Visine for those glassy, bloodshot eyes.

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Colton and skylar american idol dating introduction

Colton and skylar american idol dating