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But, surprisingly, none of these words is found in the ‘Sangam literature’, generally represented by Pattuppattu, ettuttogai and Padinkizhkanakku.century mentions that ‘Dravidam’ as one of the eighteen languages spoken.The Trans-Himalayan origins locate ‘Dravidians’ beyond Himalayas like Tibet, from where they entered India from the north east.Here, how the ‘Aryan’ factor has also been taken into consideration to explain the advent of ‘Dravidians’ in India, can easily be noticed.

Moreover, they have been using the word ‘Tamil’ from ‘Sangam’ period to modern times, to denote their ancient language as proper and abstract nouns, but in any case, it has never been used in their racial connotation. Therefore, an important question arises, “When there were Ariyar, why not Dravidar available at that time? The answer is that the Tamils never considered ‘Ariyar’ as outsiders and ‘Dravidar’ themselves.But, ‘Aryans’ were not compared with the description given in the Tamil literature to verify the anthropometric parameters like Cranial index, Nasal index, Stature etc. They have tried to compare them with the Mediterranean, Negrito and Australoid races withthe above racial parameters.Their stature / height varies from short to medium, skin / complexion from yellow brown / brown to black; head from mesocephalic to dolicocephalic; nose from broad to narrow and flat to narrow; eye colour from brown to black; hair from straight or wavy to curly but not woolly or frizzy; lips from thick to protruding and so on.Originally, ‘Ariyar’ or ‘Aryans’ were created by Maxmueller from the Vedic literature, but ‘Dravidians’ from the comparative grammar of the “Dravidian languages”.The anthropologists succeeded in comparing the descriptive physical features of Dasas, Dasyus and Panis, like Varna, Anas, Mridhavachah etc., with their anthropometry. Thruston (1909), Seligman, Sclater and others have given different and varying anthropometric data and descriptions about ‘Dravidian race’ (Table-B).

West Asian Origins: As the west Asia had several ancient civilizations, it was argued that ‘Dravidians’ must have been originated from one of such civilizations by intermixing or interbreeding.

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The Dravidian Problem 1. Introduction the ethnic interpretation and connotation of Caldwell’s linguistic ‘Dravidian’ has led to the racial. 
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